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CPR Hosting and Design provides quality, professional web designs catered to any size business, organization or individual's needs. We use a wide range of technologies to make your web presence an experience and not just a web site.

Web Design
We guarantee your web site will meet and often times exceed your expectations by looking very closely at your requirements and incorporating you into the design process. It is our experience that discussing our client's needs leads us to a more comprehensive understanding of our requirements and websites that are both correct and complete.

Flash Design
Another service we offer is Flash design for a more interactive site with animation and sound to give your website the ultimate look and feel with more energy. If you are concerned about the loading time of Flash sites, don't be, we DO NOT abuse the Flash Technology with web sites that take a long time to load so you can be sure the file size will be kept as low as possible at all times.

We provide logos for any purpose, be it corporate logos, company logos, logo design for the web or a corporate identity, we can tailor it for you.

So why do I need a logo?
A logo makes a statement about your product/company, it's all about first impressions and if your logo isn't up to standard then your business is affected.

I have a logo already!
Unfortunately logos don't last forever. Is yours up to date? Take some of the large companies for example, over a period of time you will notice that these companies have had their logos updated or changed to meet the current standards of today.

Can you put my paper logo online?
We will gladly digitize your logo so that you can use it in various computer forms. You can fax or mail your current logo with the specific file type you require the digitized image in (default jpeg).


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